Where Should the Sofa Go

By | December 6, 2016

You’ve been looking for a new piece of furniture because it is time to replace the old but where should the sofa go? It is not always dependent on the shape of the room or features wherein.

How are you going to use the room? Will it be formal or more casual? Which is more important to your family Moorland Eco-Friendly Sofa CHOICE OF FABRICSat this stage of your lives?

Will you be viewing TV? How do the adults prefer to view it, from a comfy recliner or sitting upright on the sofa with snacks on the coffee table? TV viewing or gaming is a matter of consideration for placement.

Do you want to see out the window from your favorite chair? It’s the best way to keep track of your neighborhood or your children at play.

Where is the entry way to the room? Is there a second doorway that will affect the flow of traffic?

If your room is a longer rectangle, would you like to break it up into two separate conversation groups? This could provide different usage of each space. It can be quite cozy if effectively done.

Have you thought of using an “L” shaped sectional sofa as a divider for the room? The conversation pit is in front of the sofa and anything behind the sofa back that juts out is another section of your room with a life of its own.

Do you need to place a computer desk also in your room? Placement off to the side usually works. How about a bookcase or file cabinet? All necessities for home offices.

Is there a fireplace at one end of the room? Two comfortable chairs placed in front allows for romantic evenings in front of the fireplace. Perhaps a loveseat would be a better choice. The evening could get more interesting.

There is much to consider for furniture to be well placed. Which brings up the old question, where should the sofa go?

If you have ideas or questions you would like to put forth please respond in comments. I would love to hear what you are thinking and get a conversation going on this. Thanks.


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