When did you check the refrigerator water filter last?

By | February 20, 2020

What do you mean when did you check the refrigerator water filter last? Are we supposed to change it? Why me? Shouldn’t my husband/wife/significant other be the one changing it? Why the hell didn’t they?

refrigerator water filter

Well folks, now that we got those important questions out of the way, let’s answer a few of them.


Yes, it is supposed to be changed. The paperwork that came with your brand new refrigerator has instructions as to frequency and directions on how to change the water filter. Most refrigerators have a little light to remind you to change the water filter.

You can do it

Really? Me? Yes, you. I, myself have even done it. 

Once you’ve tried changing the water filter you will realize it truly is easy.

Why the hell didn’t someone else do it

I don’t know. Tell them it’s their turn next time. You can always try bribing them.

Here is a link to purchase a new filter.

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