No Bathtub House?

By | February 15, 2017
no bathtub house

Not one of these

So does a no bathtub house make it harder to sell your home? Probably. People walk through and ask where’s the tub? These same people rarely take a tub bath, preferring to shower, but they feel a home is not complete unless there is a bathtub.

I’m not saying there isn’t a shower.

Your home may have a perfectly lovely step in the shower but it’s not a bathtub. Unfortunately, there are people out there who cannot comprehend this. It will be on the market longer before it sells.

Why is there a shower and not a bathtub?

Usually, the reason to have a no bathtub house is one of safety. One family member needs to have a shower they can easily access by just stepping into instead of climbing over into a tub. This is a mobility issue for that individual.

The homeowner probably has also installed one of those toilets that are a few inches taller than the usual. It makes it easier for someone to rise up when finished. The faucets may have levers to turn on and shut off. All easier for stiff fingers to turn.

Accessibility is the keyword here. Making your home accessible for all. As we age or develop medical problems or we just are born with mobility issues, adjustments need to be made in our surroundings. Family accommodations need to be made. There is no choice.

Some homes have only 1 bath or maybe 1 1/2 baths. The luxury of 2 bathrooms where one can have a shower stall while the other has a full bathtub is not possible. Sure, it would be great but it can’t be done.

Just do it.

Doesn’t matter what the housing market is going to do. If you have a need for a shower instead of a tub when there is only one bathroom do not hesitate. Safety always has to come first for you and your family. Go ahead and make the necessary change. You only need to feel guilty if you do not make the needed accommodations. Take care of your family. The real estate market should be the last thing to consider. (Yes, I am opinionated. Did you notice?)

One last thought for you, I know of two households where a shower stall replaced the bathtub. The homeowners do not regret doing so. Showering is much easier.



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