Insulating Drafty Windows

By | December 13, 2016

Are some of your windows drafty now that winter is here? Have you considered insulating drafty windows or replacing them?

Timing is to be considered. Are there just a few windows which are truly bad? Perhaps if you only replace those which need it, the old won’t quite appear right mixed with the new. The others may be ready for replacement in a few more years. With a little planning and procrastination, you can wait a few more years to replace the windows all at once at a warmer time of year. You really don’t want workers removing windows in the middle of a snowstorm.

OK, now you have a plan but what will you do in the meantime? Try insulating drafty windows yourself. Home improvement stores usually carry do-it-yourself window insulation kits and caulking. Measure your windows first to ensure you purchase the correct size kits.

Caulk around all your windows. Over time caulking can degrade needing replacement. While you are at it check around doors also. Hey, caulk gun is out, let’s do it!

Those do-it-yourself window insulation kits generally come with a clear sheet of plastic and instructions to properly install it over your window to block out drafts while allowing light through. Read the details carefully so the plastic film doesn’t get ruined. You probably will want a helper with you just as a second pair of hands to hold pieces in place.

I recently saw a bit on Facebook about placing damp bubble wrap on your windows. The moisture is supposed to make it stick to the glass giving you another layer of insulation. This isn’t overly attractive but I guess it can work.

Another insulation tip is to buy thermal or lined curtains for your drafty windows. You need to come up with as many ways possible to block the cold draft. With all the beautiful fabrics available those windows will look pretty.

The insulation and thermal curtains should be the combination to reduce drafts keeping your house a little warmer and helping to reduce your heating costs.

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