Holiday Season Preparations

By | November 22, 2016
Christmas season Preparations

Holiday Season Preparations

Holiday season preparations are upon us. Will you be ready?

Where are last year’s decorations stored? Are they easily accessible? So you have to climb that rickety step ladder to get into the attic. Darn it, once again. You swear you’re going to replace it someday with a sturdier one. Well, that’s on your list for next year.

You’ve found some of the decorations you normally place around your home. The Nutcracker, the small silver Christmas tree, Santa’s cookie jar (yes, that’s Santa sitting atop), and the Santa with the lighted candle who moves his arms are all present and accounted for.

Here are the boxes with all the tree ornaments. Garlands too. You found the special box with the decorations the children made in school many years ago. Oh, the memories! Careful with that old box. It contains ornaments belonging to your grandparents from so long ago.

The Christmas tree was in the basement. It is heavy to carry up those stairs. Does yours have all white lights or the mix of colors?

The Christmas candles and candle holders are in the small box on the shelf in the hall closet. Those are always the easiest to bring out.

Table linens and runners are in the dining room cabinet. Once again you will display those pretty Christmas serving pieces.

Do you need more tableware and glasses? A little more home decor?

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