Jewels of Spring Bulb CollectionLATE PLANTING SPRING BULBS?

Are you late planting spring bulbs? Haven”t even ordered any yet? Think maybe it’s not happening this year?

We can fix that.

You are my kind of people. I do this fairly regularly. I order a bunch of beautiful bulbs, then procrastinate on planting them.

There’s a solution for this. Go ahead and plant them now. Yes, now unless the snow is already too deep where you live. Then go and plant them the first minute the ground can be worked.

I have planted daffodils in February. They were kind of dried up and funny but most of them grew fine. The daffodils grew later than usual that year but the next year the were right on schedule looking pretty. No sense letting them go to waste.

If you still haven’t ordered your tulips and daffodils please go ahead and order them now. They will brighten your yard in the spring.

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