Elvis Memorabilia Fan?

By | January 3, 2017
Elvis memorabilia

Remember These?

In honor of Elvis’ birthday on January 8th, the question is are you an Elvis memorabilia fan? Anything to do with Elvis is in your collection.

I have a friend like this. She seems to have almost every Elvis collectible out there. I’m sure she has missed something in all her years collecting Elvis but I do not believe she has missed much.

She still keeps her eyes open for knick knacks or tee shirts. The more the merrier.

The story is she came of age when he was young and just beginning to swivel those hips. What hips! Right. Let’s keep this family oriented.

Elvis was singing his heart out up on that movie screen and looking good to boot.

He was every girl’s heartthrob. My friend’s also.

Now those girls are grown women. There is a whole lot of them out there and they are collecting Elvis memorabilia.

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