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Roses Fading?

Roses fading in your yard? Bring them indoors with these lovely silk roses from Nearly Natural. This lovely rectangular planter is sized right for your dining room table or hall table. It looks good wherever you need a splash of fall color. Speaking of color, this is the perfect color to bring you into the fall season.… Read More »

Where Should the Sofa Go

You’ve been looking for a new piece of furniture because it is time to replace the old but where should the sofa go? It is not always dependent on the shape of the room or features wherein. How are you going to use the room? Will it be formal or more casual? Which is more… Read More »

Holiday Season Preparations

Holiday season preparations are upon us. Will you be ready? Where are last year’s decorations stored? Are they easily accessible? So you have to climb that rickety step ladder to get into the attic. Darn it, once again. You swear you’re going to replace it someday with a sturdier one. Well, that’s on your list… Read More »