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Who is a crafter out there?

Who is a crafter out there? The answer to who is a crafter out there is most of us. Yes, you might not be doing much crafting these days but if you look back in your life you will note all the crafts you have done.   How about all those times you helped your… Read More »

Touch screen photo frame you can update

Looking for the perfect gift for Grandma? You know she loves the photos of the kids you send her but you are tired of printing them out. Besides, where is she going to stockpile a whole bunch of prints? Too bad she doesn’t use Facebook. Here is a better idea. How about a photo frame… Read More »

Healthy Food Gift Ideas

When you click links on this site and buy products, I may receive an affiliate commission. You will not pay more by buying products when you click my links. When I suggest certain products, it is because my research or personal experience has shown that they may be helpful to you. Thank you for your… Read More »