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Crown Rug

Looking for a small ultra thin rug that will fit under your door when it opens? This Crown Rug should do the trick. No more kicking the thick rug to the side so the door opens and then hoping someone will wipe their feet on it when it’s out of the way. The rug has… Read More »

Elvis Memorabilia Fan?

In honor of Elvis’ birthday on January 8th, the question is are you an Elvis memorabilia fan? Anything to do with Elvis is in your collection. I have a friend like this. She seems to have almost every Elvis collectible out there. I’m sure she has missed something in all her years collecting Elvis but I… Read More »

Ceramic Storage Jar

Don’t want to use plastic storage containers any more? Have you tried a ceramic storage jar? More and more folks are stepping away from the use of plastics in conjunction with our food. Within your own home, you have been experimenting with different containers to store foods in. This good looking 1L ceramic storage jar… Read More »

Sheer Grommet Panel

A pretty print sheer grommet panel would enliven your windows. Your old drapes are OK but they are looking tired. Maybe you are just ready for a change? The grommet curtains you currently have hanging are a solid color. They have a nice texture but they are beginning to seem so plain. You are just… Read More »