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Do Your Children Make Forts?

Some kids just love to build things. Others just like to hide behind them. Every child is a unique individual, full of fun and ready to learn in their own style. Time to hide. Do your children make forts or tents? It’s good to encourage them in this type of play. Problem-solving helps to develop… Read More »

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Should Have Done This Sooner

Wow! A robotic vacuum cleaner! Holy cow, I should have done this sooner. I’ve been wanting one for years but thought with my cat who had medium length hair that the vacuum would just clog up. Maybe over time, they have developed so that a robotic vacuum cleaner could handle tougher situations. Whatever the difference… Read More »

Turkey Fryer? Yes!

Oh, yeah! Everyone loves fried turkey but not everyone is adventurous enough to go out and buy a turkey fryer. Get brave. It’s time to go above and beyond what’s expected of you this holiday. Affiliate Disclosure This post contains an affiliate link, which means if you purchase after clicking the link I may receive… Read More »

A Green Table Lamp Just For You

How about a green table lamp just for you. Oh, make it two you say. You are so right about that. A pair is always a great idea. Your room is begging for a pop of color. This pretty springtime shade of green will be the solution. I love the cutout in the center. Will… Read More »

Taupe office chair

Need a taupe office chair for your home office? A neutral color like this allows the chair to fit into any color scheme. The lighter shade makes the chair blend into the room. It doesn’t overwhelm the other fixtures. You certainly have the room equipped with other items important to your work. A sturdy desk… Read More »

Casual Radiance Dinnerware

Would you like to set a pretty table for your family and guests? Of course, you do! This casual radiance dinnerware pattern by Lennox certainly would add sparkle to your table. It’s simple but elegant design catches your eye. The edges of the design actually radiate outwards. It is a great visual. This lovely dinnerware… Read More »

Foldable Storage Ottoman

Having guests over to view the big game? Do you need a little extra seating? Try a foldable storage ottoman or two. These attractive ottomans can provide a little convenient storage. They provide simple seating for an overload of guests. Best yet, if they aren’t needed they can be folded and stored out of the… Read More »