Best Holiday Lights

By | November 24, 2016
best holiday lights in the neighborhood

best holiday lights

Word has it you are planning to set up the best holiday lights in the neighborhood. Well, we know it isn’t going to be on one pitiful tree.

You are planning on installing lights on every bit of roofline, gutter downspout, and window. Every bush and tree will be covered in the best holiday lights. Yes, you are in an athletic mood. Ready to go up and down that ladder. Better you than me. I don’t do ladders.

You have whole scenes you want to display. Your front and backyards will be like a fairy land. Neighbors from all over town are going to drive by just to show their kids.

Yes, really and truly. This is not a fantasy. It;s quite doable with a little planning and some help from your best friend in exchange for helping with his lights.

First, you must plot out your design on a piece of paper. Remember that drafting class you had taken. Then list every display you think you need to install. Estimate the amount of footage you need for the light strings. Don’t forget to add extra because you are only estimating your needs.

best holiday lights

Winter Wonderland

The fun part is when you take your list to the home improvement store. You probably will need 3 shopping carts and a mack truck to take it all home. We are not going to mention the hole in your credit card. Be not afraid. This will be worth it.

Your Christmas wonderland will amaze.





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