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Do Your Children Make Forts?

Some kids just love to build things. Others just like to hide behind them. Every child is a unique individual, full of fun and ready to learn in their own style. Time to hide. Do your children make forts or tents? It’s good to encourage them in this type of play. Problem-solving helps to develop… Read More »

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Should Have Done This Sooner

Wow! A robotic vacuum cleaner! Holy cow, I should have done this sooner. I’ve been wanting one for years but thought with my cat who had medium length hair that the vacuum would just clog up. Maybe over time, they have developed so that a robotic vacuum cleaner could handle tougher situations. Whatever the difference… Read More »

You Need an Emotional Support Animal Letter

Oh yes, you do if you want to keep your pet with you on a plane. After all your pet helps to keep you calm and feel secure on a long flight. You need an emotional support animal letter to present to the airline to be allowed to bring your pet onto the plane.

Who is a crafter out there?

Who is a crafter out there? The answer to who is a crafter out there is most of us. Yes, you might not be doing much crafting these days but if you look back in your life you will note all the crafts you have done.   How about all those times you helped your… Read More »

Turkey Fryer? Yes!

Oh, yeah! Everyone loves fried turkey but not everyone is adventurous enough to go out and buy a turkey fryer. Get brave. It’s time to go above and beyond what’s expected of you this holiday. Affiliate Disclosure This post contains an affiliate link, which means if you purchase after clicking the link I may receive… Read More »

Touch screen photo frame you can update

Looking for the perfect gift for Grandma? You know she loves the photos of the kids you send her but you are tired of printing them out. Besides, where is she going to stockpile a whole bunch of prints? Too bad she doesn’t use Facebook. Here is a better idea. How about a photo frame… Read More »

Roses Fading?

Roses fading in your yard? Bring them indoors with these lovely silk roses from Nearly Natural. This lovely rectangular planter is sized right for your dining room table or hall table. It looks good wherever you need a splash of fall color. Speaking of color, this is the perfect color to bring you into the fall season.… Read More »

A Green Table Lamp Just For You

How about a green table lamp just for you. Oh, make it two you say. You are so right about that. A pair is always a great idea. Your room is begging for a pop of color. This pretty springtime shade of green will be the solution. I love the cutout in the center. Will… Read More »