About Me

Hello, everybody. My name is Barbara and I just initiated this site on November 22, 2016. It is brand new and I am building this by myself.

I will be populating this website with info over time. Please have patience. I do have a plan. Things are progressing nicely. More info will be forthcoming on this page.

For the time being, I am not including my photo. I despise taking pictures. Eventually, I will get brave and add one. Just don’t hold your breath because it will be a while.



This is my parrot, Kris. He is a medium sized parrot. Kris has his own website https://princessofwalesparakeet.com/ which I also built myself. Kris loves company so please stop by and visit.

November 2015 I joined a community named Wealthy Affiliate. Through this fantastic group, I learned how to build a website and so much more. Without the training and information I received through Wealthy Affiliate, this website would have never been able to be up and functional in 2 days. Sure there’s more to do but it will happen.

Want 2 free websites all your own? I’m building this one. You can build one too.

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