What Your Home Needs Welcomes You

what your home needs welcomes you

What Your Home Needs welcomes you to an exciting new website. We will be introducing home and garden ideas as well as interesting products and companies which provide them.

The plan at the moment is for decor ideas and discussion under the Your Home category. Please comment and join the discussion. We are looking forward to your ideas and questions. Also, if there is a topic you would like to see in the future, please let us know.

The Garden category will discuss anything to do with your patio/deck, yard, and garden. Tell us about your accomplishments with your outdoor space.

Featured will be short posts on products we are featuring. These will be interesting items and have characteristics which would make them useful in your home and ours. If you like something, go ahead and comment on it. We value your opinion.

The Advice category should give you ideas on correcting common household problems. If you have a question we will be happy to research the answer for you.

Ideas are products which can make lovely gifts or be useful to you. Just click on an item and you will be brought to the website providing it and more information on the item.

For Improvements, we are slowly going to be reporting on those big changes within your home. Ugh, while it’s happening but oh my God we should have done this years ago once the project is finished. How have your big improvement projects turned out? Any pitfalls to warn others about? What would you do differently?

What Your Home Needs would like to make this site more interactive with you the reader. Please post your comments, questions, and goals. Don’t forget to tell us what you’ve done within your home that you are proud of.

If you have a funny story of a fail, please share. How did you correct it? Actually, we will take any clean funny story no matter the topic. Doesn’t have to be a fail. Anything home, kids, pets, or life will do. We all could use a good laugh and inspiration.


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